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Greg Friedman is a brave, compassionate and skillful healer.  He is a holder of sacred space and wisdom that is of great benefit for our times. 

I have worked with Greg and would be honored to work with him again, I welcome his insight and vision.

Saul David Raye

I credit Greg with helping me recognize, visualize and manifest the career I enjoy teaching classes and workshops in Thai yoga massage all over the country.

He is a brilliant guide and a powerful teacher.

Phoebe Diftler

I call Greg Friedman, Teacher, with utmost respect and honor. He tirelessly and patiently illuminates tools, shares knowledge creatively with no sense of scarcity and as a result of our collaboration, I have my dreams daily.

Reilly Guardino

Greg helps me to first discover my intentions in a particular area, and then keeps me on track to realize those wishes. 

With his guidance, I have learned that the process is more about discovering strength than applying bandages

Greg’s methodology is, simply effective!!!

Dan Horsley


I Love Greg!  Greg Friedman is a rare and wonderful force in the world of transformation & mentorship!  

Not only does Greg guide you profoundly & precisely toward your purpose & goals, he actually makes the ride just as powerful as any destination!

Danny Donayre